Invest Like a Pro

A Systematic Approach to DIY Investing.

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About the Book

Between early 2023 and mid-2024, I will be publishing my book on DIY investing here. Instead of first writing it in its entirety and then publishing it, I will be posting the book incrementally, one article at a time. Check back regularly!

About the Author

Felix Bertram is the founder of Bertram Solutions LLC, a boutique investment advisory firm specialized in algorithmic trading. Felix is managing the firm's investment accounts and designing the model portfolios.

Felix's path into financial services originated in his frustration over the available products and services: as an investor, he was looking for a data-driven approach to tactical asset allocation. After he couldn't find suitable offerings, he started researching quantitative investment analysis in 2011, laying the foundation for Bertram Solutions.

Unlike other financial professionals, Felix's career path started in engineering. He holds an MS in electrical engineering and has proven his ability to invent and create during 30 years of developing software, firmware, and FPGAs in the consumer electronics field. Further, Felix holds an MBA in general business administration and has proven his strong entrepreneurial spirit with his multiple innovative startups. This broad and somewhat non-linear background demonstrates Felix's analytical and results-oriented approach to all aspects of life, including wealth management.